Hotel California
"A Salute to the Eagles"
(Symphonies only)

An acoustic presentation designed specifically as a showcase for the Orchestra,
this Southern California group is the ONLY show to have "Official Authorization" to
perform the Eagles catalog of music. A spirited blend of originality and the pursuit of
excellence have taken Hotel California A Salute to the Eagles to a level normally reserved for gold and platinum recording artists. For more than three decades, Hotel California A Salute to the Eagles has touched the hearts of fans all over the world by respectfully and accurately reproducing the Grammy award winning sounds of this great
American songbook.  

... "I was convinced: this was the way a rock and roll show with orchestra should always be. The concert went flawlessly. The audience loved it. The musicians loved it. Maestro was very happy. My ED was happy. Our sponsors were happy. I can't say enough positive things about working with the group or the results."
- Don Edmunds, Director of Artistic Operations - Augusta Symphony. 

"... the orchestral arrangements elevate the band's sound and provide a rich and full accompaniment as well as great highlight moments for the orchestra. In addition, they are crystal clear and beautifully printed. I highly recommend this show and hope to work with these charts again!"
- Ron Spigelman, Conductor